IE 2017

Symposium on Industrial Engeering


 Symposium Chairs

Hamid Allaoui
(Univ. Artois, France)
Komar Udin
(Univ. Indonesia, Indonesia)
Wafik Hachicha
(University of Sfax, Tunisia)

The Symposium on Symposium on Industrial Engineering aims to prepare an attractive scientific program with sharing and discussing theoretical and practical knowledge on the topics by high-quality international participants. The technical areas include but are not limited to the following:

  • Decision Making Under Uncertainty
  • Production and inventory management
  • Quality Engineering/Management and Productivity
  • Project Control and Management
  • Maintenance and Reliability
  • Healthcare Systems Engineering
  • Firm Management Systems (Strategic, Human Resource, Knowledge, Processes, …)
  • Industry-Specific Case Studies (Oil and Gas, Energy, Automobile, Banking, …)
  • Safety Engineering, Ergonomy and Environment
  • Design Of Service, Manufacturing and Automation Systems
  • Applications Of Information Technology In Decision Making and Firm Management
  • Financial Engineering/Management and Economic Analysis